6 Gold Nugget Mining openings in May! Be sure to get yours!!!

Counselors & Coaches: Turn Your Chaos Into Courses!

Are you a counselor or coach who is feeling burned out from 1:1 sessions?

Frustrated with not enough hours in your day for your client and your life?

Waitlisting clients who need help and not having time for your own life are not good options! Believe me, the world needs the good that you can put into it by using your God-given gifts! Not spinning your wheels in frustration.

So, you ask, how can I help you?

I'm Shelby Ketchen. I specialize in helping the helpers. I build relationships with my clients, learn what it is that they wish to accomplish and then develop and implement a strategy to do that.  I help you serve your clients and take back your schedule and energy! I serve as your along-sider as you go through the process of creating and growing your business into the online space. Did you ever want a business BFF? That's my calling! 

Let me support you and implement your marketing and business strategies so that you have more time to counsel or coach and put good into the world!

Available Services

Free Gold Nugget Mining Guide

Gold Nugget Mining is an exercise by which you can repurpose your content! Get the skinny on how to do this with this free handout. It will give you the steps by which to do your own mining a nugget at a time!

Apply To Work With Me

Hi! If you're a frustrated and overwhelmed counselor or coach, please fill out the form below! I might be able to help you manage your business (part or all!) so that you can get busy doing your real work!

Gold Nugget Mining - The DIY Guide ($27)

If you want to repurpose your content, but prefer to do your own gold nugget mining, this is the tool for you! This includes each of the steps and guidelines I use when I do Done-For-You Gold Nugget Mining Days.

Gold Nugget Mining - Done For You ($899)

What price would you put on finding your true north in your work?
What is the value in having insights into months of content for social or email marketing?

Did you know that every piece of content you already have has the capability of producing 6 or more pieces of additional content?

Gold Nugget Post-Report Strategy Session ($149)

You are invited to have a post-report strategy session with me. We can discuss the findings of my gold nugget mining, any questions you might have, potential strategies to implement my recommendations, or anything else that the report has brought up for you. These strategy sessions typically last about 30-60 minutes.

Project Management (from $697/mo)

Project Management ...

Does the very idea give you a headache?

If you have a course, a launch, a webinar, any of the creative things coming up...

You might need some help. Click "Learn More" to see how I can help!

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