Return on Time and How to Get It

Not Enough Time I talk with a lot of solo-practice coaches and counselors throughout the course of any given day. The single most common problem they talk about is not having enough time. Not enough time to see all the clients they’d like to. Never enough time to attend the kids’ Little League games. Not enough time to just sit and be. Just not enough time. You worry about not having the time to grow your business. You feel bad when you have to take the laptop on vacation or when ...

Be Authentic. Be You.

You're an entrepreneur who knows who your "ideal" client is and who has a proven track record in helping them. Have you ever wondered why suddenly your messaging seems to be falling flat? I've bumped up against that lately. In my own work. My own marketing. After prayer, journaling, listening to an amazing wise-way-beyond-her-years young woman named Taylor Lee, and talking with my biz bestie, I think I've figured it out.

What to Do When You Need a Do-Over (and you will)

So you just tried a big new thing. A service, a challenge, a new/better/different way of doing something. Announced it to all the world. And it bombed. Can you get a do-over? That thing that you most feared happened: Failure on a very public scale. And it feels like a disaster. After all, as a coach or counselor, you're the one your clients come to for help! You can't pretend this didn't happen; people saw you announce and they saw it fizzle away. But... was it a failure?

I Think I Need a Business Coach

Maybe you could think of a business coach/strategist as kind of a therapist for your business. Your clients come to you when they're muddled and confused and can't seem to find a clear path to "better" or their definition of "success." Or maybe they just need someone to walk the path with them. Is your situation with your business really all that different?

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