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Project Management

Project Management

There are:

  • so many details to consider and sort through (and put in order!)
  • bits and pieces of tech to integrate
  • timing issues to deal with
  • maybe even a team to manage
  • not enough ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get you through

And you just want to launch your passion project!

Help is at hand...

I can manage the bits and bobs while you do you.

While you write or create the project that you were put here to do, I can:

  • organize the team if you have one
  • put workflows into place so no balls get dropped
  • manage the community connections (relationships and sales!)
  • help with your copy
  • load your work into the appropriate places
  • keep an eye on the calendar
  • tech the webinar
  • troubleshoot 

    and, maybe most important of all,

provide you with moral support, reality checks when you need them, and be your head cheerleader.

And I can promise to be your moral support and your head cheerleader because I don't work on any projects about which I'm not passionate.

I'd love to talk with you about yours. 

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