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Gold Nugget Mining - The DIY Guide ($27)

Gold Nugget Mining - The DIY Guide ($27)

What price would you put on finding your true north in your work?
What is the value in having insights into months of content for social or email marketing?

Did you know that every piece of content you already have has the capability of producing 6 or more pieces of additional content?

Content really is king!

Did you know that every piece of content you already have has the capability of producing 6 or more pieces of additional content?

Repurposing your content can save you time and money by refreshing and reusing in new ways content that you already have!

If you have very much content at all, you will have a roadmap to potentially 6 months to a year of new content! Additionally, you'll be invited to my clients-only Facebook group, where I share all kinds of tips to help you grow your business.

Following are reviews from Gold Nugget Mining I have done -- and the guidelines provided in this DIY guide are the same!

Marta Goertzen"Shelby recently did a deep dive Gold Nugget Mining of my blog, social media accounts, newsletters, and shop. It was such a great experience! Not only did she catch themes and threads of ideas I had been considering she also saw new ideas that I had never thought of before. Shelby's final report was a big help as I was in the middle of planning a new product line for my blog and publishing company.

Her thorough report helped identify new ways to repurpose content as well as old content that needed a refresh or update and republished. If you're feeling stuck or would love a fresh set of eyes on all the content you have created, I highly recommend this service!" Marta Goertzen, Selah Reflections 

Please listen to what Diane Cunningham Ellis has to say: 

Patti Fagan“Your repurposing report is simply amazing! It’s so easy to overlook the immense value of repurposing my content. But your report made me see the multitude of opportunities just sitting in my database. I’m super excited to implement your suggestions and strategies to boost traffic and attract and engage my target audience. Thank you SO much for your thorough analysis. You truly have a gift.” Patti Fagan, Trauma-Informed Business and Money Coach

If you're on board with getting expert eyes on your content with intuitive and valuable insights for ways to repurpose it in the future, click the button below!

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